Wooden Fence Gates

Wooden Fence Gates Image

Wooden fence gates – A fence without door is like, well, a door without fence. An important element is missing. If your fence is missing this important piece no longer postpone the task of building a door. You yourself can build a simple, practical and functional door, or presumed your woodworking skills and turn your door into a brand that impacts to neighbors. If you can measure, cut wood, drilling holes and placing hinges, you can end your door in no time.

Wooden fence gates measure the inside edges of the poles right and left of the fence to determine the width of the door. Record the measurements on paper. Subtract 10 inch width, this will give room for the posts of the fence on either side of the door as well as space for hinges and lock.

Measure from the bottom up the last post of the wooden fence gates to determine the height of the door. Subtract 4 inches if you want it to have a gap at the top and is seen as an independent unit. Or, using the same height so that the door is mixed with the fence. Subtract 2 inches to the measurement to leave a space between the floors falls apart door.

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