Wire Mesh Fence Design

White Wire Mesh Fence

The wire mesh fence barriers provide durable and protect fields, yards, pastures and gardens small. The fencing wire mesh is options to divide a garden into sections for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. Raise this type of fence requires some basic tools. It may require an assistant to unroll the mesh to attach it to the posts.

Put your gloves and goggles. Place gravel at the bottom of the post to give extra strength to attach the wire mesh fence. Test post to see if it remains firm. Cut the wires that hold the netting roll and unroll the cortaalambre. Place the end of the mesh on the edge of the pole. Hold it using a staple gun. Make sure the staple cover the wire.

Three inches (7.5 cm) from the first clip vertically using the tape measure and mark. Stretching the wire mesh fence well and place another staple three inches (7.5 cm) below the lower clamp making sure to cover the wire. Repeat and ensures the staples every three inches to the foot of the post. Located a tensioning clamp and each of the end posts. The tensioner should be placed about 10 inches below the top of the pole and clamp should be two inches above this.

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