How To Make Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Carnorous Plant Terrarium Kit

How To Make Carnivorous Plant Terrarium – Carnivorous plants grow in a moss, moist environment and require sunlight and of course, the insects that feed on. You can put a group of small carnivorous plants in a terrarium with open top. With the right materials you can recreate this specific environment and caring for their own insectivorous plants in a home.

To create carnivorous plant terrarium you must follow this step; Fill the bottom of a clean empty glass with about 2 cm of gravel builder. Insert a clear rubber hose in the corner of the tank. Establish a 4-cm layer of peat moss, followed by a layer 1 cm moss. Use a watering can to saturate all layers with distilled water.

Plant the carnivorous plant terrarium in the peat moss with moss. Use your fingers to make holes 1 cm, place the roots of the plant in the hole. Place plants around the terrarium and make sure they are at least 3 cm apart from one another and at least 2 cm from the sides of the terrarium. Place rocks and place a piece of glass or Plexiglas over the terrarium. Leave the top half open so that the insects can enter.Everykel,

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