How to Install Chicken Wire Fence

Apr 16th

The installation of a chicken wire fence allows chickens to chicken free range for bugs and grass. The fence should be high enough so that the chickens cannot fly over it and strong enough so that predators cannot enter. A fence of chicken wire also provides the owners with a window to the interesting and busy life of your chickens.

Chicken Wire Fence Style
Chicken Wire Fence Style

Directions to install chicken wire fence: pound a T-steel post in the ground at each corner of the fence using a post pounds. Tie a piece of string to one of the corner posts and then tie it to each of the other corner posts. Raise the end of the chicken wire in the air and put it on top of the first column of the corner.

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Then pass the position in and out of the holes in chicken wire until the wire touches the ground. Roll the chicken wire to get to the next post. Pull the wire as tight as you can and lift it in the air. Roll the chicken wire to the next corner and pass it down on the post. Repeat this until all the chicken run is surrounded and into chicken wire fence.

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