How To Build Privacy Trellis

Hardwood Privacy Trellis

Privacy trellis – A trellis helps provide privacy in your backyard or garden of the neighbors and curious onlookers. Instead of investing in a privacy fence or wall, this functional and decorative structure offers privacy and is compatible with vines, creating a vertical garden. This lush green wall is a cost effective way to enhance the look and appeal of the exterior of your home and garden. With the right tools in hand, you can build your own lattice rather than buying in a store.

Determine where to install the lattice privacy trellis so you can determine an appropriate height. Ideally, a 6-foot tall lattice provides privacy without giving the enclosed area a strong-like appearance. However, deciding the height according to their needs. In addition to deciding what material to use. You can build a trellis, PVC pipes, metal stakes with wire running through them or bamboo. However, the pre-treated wood is the best choice because it has a natural look that blends well in a garden.

Privacy trellis purchase 2 feet long pretreated 2-for-4 for the vertical posts and fence and a 4 by 8 foot sheet prefabricated lattice trellis on your hardware or home Local department store. Place the sheet of prefabricated lattice trellis on the floor. It stands 6 feet long and mark with a marker. Extend the point to the other end to make a straight line with a marker.

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