How Glue Foam Insulation to an Aluminum Roofing Patio

Nov 3rd

Aluminum ceilings provide a durable, long lasting coating for porches closed. However, owners can find insulating properties aluminums inadequate. Add insulation helps for winter space so a family can enjoy more time on the porch. The strength of lightweight rigid foam insulation makes it an appropriate choice for lining the bottom of aluminum roofing. Clean aluminum roofing with a solution of hot water and dishwashing soap.

Kind of aluminum roofing
Kind of aluminum roofing

Once finished, all residual soap rinse and let it dry aluminum roofing. Cut the nozzle tip of an adhesive cartridge foam board at an angle of 45 degrees, with scissors. Meter a long nail through the interior of the nozzle to pierce the inner seal. Load the cartridge in a caulking gun. Extrude a bead of 1/4 inch of adhesive around the perimeter of one side of a board of rigid foam insulation.

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Extrusion lines zigzagging beads of adhesive through the interior of the board. Press the board in place. Apply pressure on all sides to ensure a perfect fit. Do not wait more than five minutes after extrusion of adhesive to glue the board, as the glue could start building. Continue adhering joints similarly, fitting tightly together. Cut boards to fit when necessary.

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