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Aluminum Pergola Decor

Create your own aluminum pergola for the yard gives you the freedom to choose the thickness and color, to match your home. The materials required for all covered courtyard include aluminum foils, poles, supporting beams and framework, as well as screws and sealant. The hardware needed for the house will depend on the method of attachment to the house of your choice.

The aluminum pergola is available in many colors and pre-painted in two basic styles. The styles “W” and plane are the most common on covered patio. The aluminum sheets are also available in different thicknesses.

Aluminum support posts generally measured 4 by 4 inch (10 by 10 cm). These poles support the weight of aluminum pergola at the outer end of the courtyard. The posts can be recharged in concrete, bricks or any rigid surface. To install poles on a wooden patio, you will use to place anchor posts below the post and screw the wooden deck. Support beams forming a frame for the aluminum patio cover. The beams are placed on the outer edge of the circumference of the structure run along the frame to screw the aluminum sheets thereto.

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