DIY Plan for a Grape Arbor Trellis

Jun 16th

Arbor trellis – Building a grape arbor trellis is a great project that can add a great beauty and functionality to a garden. Growing grapes over an arbor creates a shaded area to sit and provide a location for vines to grow without spreading throughout the garden. Making a grape arbor trellis is a great project that starts with a good DIY plan and requires more people to complete, but once completed, can the arbor trellis used for years.

White Arbor Trellis
White Arbor Trellis

Dig six holes in two rows. Work with a partner to get the 8-foot posts in the holes. Use treated wood that can withstand rain and weather. Cedar is a good option for a gazebo. Mix quick-drying concrete in a bucket and pour it around the bottom of each post to fill the hole and keep the timber standing upright. Place one of the 2-by-4-inch boards across two of the 8-foot posts so the Board is aligned with the 4-inch edges of the posts. Repeat steps 4 from the upper edge of the both rows, so that there are four boards hung along the two rows of arbor trellis.

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Add a board 1 foot during the first board. Place the front of the 2-by-4 along to the 8-foot posts and attach the board at both ends with wood screws. The last three plates to be placed on top of the mandrel to form trellis arbor portion. Work with a partner to attach the upper arbor board’s trellis. Plant grape plants along the bottom of the arbor trellis and using garden twine for vines to the trellis and train them to grow up and over the arbor.