Build A Grape Vine Trellis Idea

Stylish Grape Vine Trellis

Grape vine trellis – Build an arbor of vines in the garden not only to help support its growing vines, but to add beauty. You can build your arbor of vines like a bow for your garden gate or can be constructed with a bench for visitors to your garden to sit. Whatever design you choose for your vine arbor, make sure it is sturdy and something the whole family can enjoy.

Cut all pieces for his vine, eight lengths of 2-by-2 measuring 90 inches; two pieces measuring 12 inches by 80 inches lattice; two pieces of 1-by-6 wood that measures 48 inches; five lengths of 2-by-4 that measures 33 inches from the top of the grape vine trellis. Place two 90-inch 2-by-2s flat on the floor. Cover with a sheet of the network. Use a staple gun to hold the net in place.

Align the remaining lengths 90 inches at the top of the net and screws to the lengths of the bottom side to create a vine arbor. Stand sides in their long edges of about 48 inches apart. Flip the vine arbor over and add the second support from the top on the other side. Place the upper portion on top of the arbor trellis.  Arise vine arbor and place it wherever you want. Plant vines along the sides of the arbor grape vine trellis that can grow to the sides.

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